Tips to Jump Start Your Year-End Review

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Goal Setting, Personal Development

This year I have been paying special attention to doing monthly reviews and will be setting aside time to do a yearly review. I am going to be looking back on goals that were accomplished and those that weren’t. Take a moment to celebrate what I accomplished and how much I’ve grown.

After reading this post you are going to understand how reflection can be helpful and you will figure out how to carry your amazing progress into the future.

Let’s face it, there is always going to be something that we didn’t get to, but if we started down a path of some type of growth and can see changes, we are doing things right.

Being able to reflect on your year and everything that happened will help you see your growth journey. It will also give you an idea of where to focus your energy in the next 12 months.

After reading this post you are going to understand how reflection can be helpful and how to carry your amazing progress into the future.

What Did You Make Happen?

Over the past 12 months, reflect on what you’ve accomplished and put it all down in a list. This list can include achievements or projects.

This part was hard for me in the beginning. Not sure about you, but when I sit down to do an activity like this, suddenly it’s like I’ve never done anything! Remember, you are often your worst own critic and sometimes that can cloud your perception when it comes to recognizing what you’re capable of achieving.

I changed my mindset in this area by being ready to celebrate anything and everything. Sometimes we must ready ourselves for receiving the feeling of success. Once I did this, I was able to start coming up with things almost immediately. Some of the things I came up with were simply finishing a project or taking a training.

Here is your chance, do a brain dump on any accomplishments you see fit. This can be as big or as small as you want. You are the one that determines what is an accomplishment in your life.

Face Your Challenges Head On

The next area of this reflection exercise is being honest with what the challenges were that you faced. These challenges could be roadblocks you ran into that were external like a class or training not being offered in time or not being able to financially afford a class or training or to complete a project. Internal roadblocks can also occur and can include procrastination or accountability.

Identifying the barriers that stood in the way of your path helps you to know how to help yourself in future goal setting.

Something I had to face head on while I was doing this reflection was being honest with myself. Accepting I have been stretched thin at times and didn’t have the brainpower to complete a project I set out to do. I wrote down the many ways that I was stretched thin. Another barrier I had at a couple of different points through the year was having a goal that I couldn’t accomplish because I needed the background knowledge first. This slowed down the process and involved many other factors, so I listed that out as a reminder.

List out the challenges that stood in the way of completing your projects.

Let It Go, Let It Go

After reading this post you are going to understand how reflection can be helpful and you will figure out how to carry your amazing progress into the future.

Now that we have thought about challenges, let’s call out the challenges or barriers that we really want to release in the days to come.

When we focus on releasing what is holding us back from success, we are getting more familiar with the idea that it really needs to be kicked to the curb. If you’re anything like me, you will reach this decision after weeks of long hard thought. But the process must start somewhere and there is no better time to think about this than now.

Some ideas that came to my mind immediately were to eliminate places where I feel like my time is being wasted, procrastination with moving forward with a business idea and self-doubt about being a leader.

Now that I’ve called it out, when I am setting up my next year and thinking about what I really want to accomplish, I can make sure that I’m setting up opportunities that don’t leave room for these areas that need to be released. I also have the things I want to avoid written down and that can serve as a good sounding board when I am feeling stuck.

What do you need to release in the future to be able to reach success?

Let’s Get Focused

Now that you have had a chance to think about and write down achievements and challenges, it’s time to get clear on what your focus should be going forward. This is an important step because you are now able to be intentional about your goal setting and planning for the upcoming months.

For example, if you wanted to focus on growth for the year, that can mean so many things! Growth can be your mindset, your career, your network, your skill set, your business or finances. I like to focus on one specific item or theme and apply it to a few different areas. Once you have set yourself up for growth, in this case, you can begin to approach your thinking and strategizing to match it.

This is a great approach because you will be able to encompass both professional and personal goals. Both are equally as important. I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to put personal goals on the back burner in favor of professional goals and it isn’t always the best route to go because what is important to you can end up getting pushed aside.

Write down what your focus is going to be and why that word, theme, phrase, etc. resonates with you and is important to your life.

Conquer The Year

After reading this post you are going to understand how reflection can be helpful and you will figure out how to carry your amazing progress into the future.

Congratulations, you have completed a reflection of your past 12 months. Bonus! You also have thought of a direction for the future and have some examples to look back on as reminders.

After reading this post you have a great idea of what your accomplishments are, what your challenges were, what in your life needs to be kicked to the curb and how to get focused.

Reflection is sometimes not a fun task to do but it’s necessary to help us get a clear vision of where we have been and where we want to be.

Remember, this exercise isn’t just for the new year. I do this monthly and quarterly and you can too! This will really kick your goal setting into high gear! Watch out world, here you come.

We hope you found this post helpful! Share with your friends so you can all get started off right. Share in the comments what your focus is for the future.

Brandon and Cristal

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