The Essential Guide to Overcoming Overwhelm

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Mindset, Personal Development, Work and Life Balance

Is overwhelm creeping in? Does it ever feel like you are being stretched in too many different directions? If you are thinking “yes”. You are not alone at all. The world that we are living in today can feel like it’s constantly moving. Sometimes it can feel like we are just trying to keep up.

There is a lot going on in life but overwhelm doesn’t have to take over and rule your world. Check out these tips to give overwhelm the boot today. #tips #overwhelmed #overwhelmedwithlife #overwhelmedatwork #stress

Overwhelm used to get to me so easily a few years ago with my schedule and commitments. To achieve success, I had to learn to keep myself organized, stay focused on priorities and not let myself get too far down that path. I truly believe that pulling away from some of those things doesn’t have to be the only answer. I am excited to share with you some tips that I practice, to keep overwhelm at bay.

In this post you will learn how to:

  • Give yourself the room that you need to breath in your schedule.
  • Slow down and refocus yourself when everything feels like it’s swirling around you.
  • How to prioritize your tasks.

I can’t wait for you to start feeling in control again, so let’s get started!

Give Yourself the Room You Need to Breath

The very first tip that I have is one that took me some time to figure out but once I realized what was going on, it turned everything around.

There are multiple times where I have begun to feel overwhelmed because the day is filled with one activity after another. It makes it so hard to accomplish anything and instantly makes life spin out of control.

When there are activities that are within your control, don’t try to pack everything into the same day or part of the week. Be protective of your personal time and spread out your schedule, keeping in mind that you can say no to some activities that you don’t REALLY need to be at.

Another thing that I will do to keep the overwhelm from creeping up is make sure that I am giving myself the transition time I need in between activities. I function so much better when I’m not feeling rushed and when I have time to think.

Get in the habit of building in travel time and transition time into your schedule. Your future self will thank you for the extra breathing and prep time!

Prioritize Your Tasks

Another way to get out of overwhelm quickly is to prioritize your tasks so you know what really is pressing and what can wait.

Sometimes when I get a lot of things on my desk, all I think about is how it all needs to be done. When I can step back and put the tasks in order by urgency, I can begin to see what’s urgent and what’s not. This makes the list so much more manageable!

There is a lot going on in life but overwhelm doesn’t have to take over and rule your world. Check out these tips to give overwhelm the boot today. #tips #overwhelmed #overwhelmedwithlife #overwhelmedatwork #stress

Take a moment each morning to plan your day out and make sure you have enough space and time to get your tasks done. You will feel much more prepared to take on the day.

Getting Overwhelmed? Refocus Yourself

The next big trap that tends to come up when thinking about this topic is that it can become hard to keep it all straight. When work and deadlines begin to pile up, an important thing to do is get yourself refocused on what the real priorities are.

I’ve noticed that when I’m in this place, I am trying to multi-task, which we’ve been told is a no-no. It really does take me longer to get tasks done!

The most helpful tip I’ve ever come across, that has produced real mindset clarity and situation change, has been to focus on the one task before you. When you are sitting down to get some work done, clear your mind for a minute, close your eyes if that’s your thing (it’s mine!), and focus your energy on what you need to do to get it done. Then, get started.

It’s so easy for your mind to start going in multiple directions and quieting your mind down to the task before you will make a big difference.

Once your thoughts are straight and you can give your task your mostly undivided attention, you will be amazed at what questions you can ask or problems you can solve!

Slow It Down

I got this amazing tip from my massage therapist one day when I was rushing to get to my appointment. Something must have happened on my way there because I was stressing! I usually enjoy arriving early and relaxing in the tranquil waiting room before my appointment, so this was not ideal.

I remember telling them about whatever was going on and I was feeling the stress in my shoulders. They shared with me that during training, if a client comes in late, instead of rushing, they were taught to slow down.

They don’t know it, but I took that with me and have applied it other times when I start rushing from the overwhelm. I’ve never noticed before this, that when you start to get in a hurry, it can sometimes take even longer to get out of the house or get something done! These are the times that I drop my car keys, can’t find what I’m looking for or make a mistake because I’m in a hurry.

There is a lot going on in life but overwhelm doesn’t have to take over and rule your world. Check out these tips to give overwhelm the boot today. #tips #overwhelmed #overwhelmedwithlife #overwhelmedatwork #stress

When has being in a rush produced good results?


Slow it down next time and don’t let overwhelm get to you.


There is a lot going on in life but overwhelm doesn’t have to take over and rule your world.

When you can wrangle in your to-do list, you can get a better look at where to give yourself the room you need to calmly approach it and prioritize it to fit your needs.

Once you get started on the tasks you need to get done and you start to feel overwhelm creep in, beat it by refocusing your attention and slowing down. You will be able to approach with a clear and focused mindset. You will be less likely to make mistakes that will slow you down and end up in overwhelm.

The more you put these tips into practice, the easier it will become as new tasks pop-up.

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Brandon and Cristal

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