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Brandon and Cristal

The Fourteen Feathers blog is an idea that we started discussing over a year ago. Finally, March of 2018, we went live. Most people start on their dream right away, but we had a lot of details and ideas to hash out to bring you the best service that we could. It isn’t talked about enough but before you start a project like this, a project really aimed at helping people, it’s important to do the self-work first and get your own values and priorities straight. We had to know what makes us tick, who we could best talk to and what our strengths and weaknesses were as individuals and as a team.

The name Fourteen Feathers was inspired by the tribal flag for the Yakama Nation out of southwestern Washington. The flag has fourteen eagle feathers honoring the bands of the Yakama nation and representing the fourteen chiefs that signed the treaty of 1855. The reservation was granted to the Yakama in the treaty.

Cristal is an enrolled member of the Yakama Nation and her family is active in their culture.

We are so proud that we are here and live! Welcome to the site and tribe we have created, we are excited that you are finally here!!

If you have any questions or concerns, or just want to say hi, please send us a message at


Hello, my name is Brandon Allen. I am in content creation and management, a hobby photographer and health care professional who loves to seek adventure and positivity in the world. I believe that there is more than one way to reach success and that the definition is different for everyone. To know which path yours is, you must get crystal clear vision on your future and listen to what feeds your soul. I was interested in starting a blog because I saw an opportunity to encourage commitment and engagement in YOU, and those are the foundations for success.

It wasn’t easy for me to figure out what I wanted to pursue in a career. I have many interests and talents but went out into the world not knowing what those were yet. I had to find my direction. I went through higher education switching from major to major. Over the years I would go down paths for criminal justice, psychology, business and finally, healthcare. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my passions were in helping people thrive in their lives.

I found my calling in the healthcare industry and knew I was where I should be when I got to work firsthand with patients to help them receive the care and service that they need. Along the way, I’ve had the opportunity to be part of troubleshooting crucial changes that have come up, and training others. Through this, I’ve realized that problem solving, and process creation is something that I have an interest in.

Success was possible for me because of my ability to own that I didn’t know what my next step was, be willing to explore what was right and my strong sense of self. It takes a lot to not conform to societies expectations that you should have your whole life planned out and be ready to run from the get go but when you know how to stay true to you, you are not fazed by what others think.

Life isn’t black and white, and we run into roadblocks all the time! What separates those who are average and those who are extraordinary is the action of trying relentlessly. You can’t get anywhere if you’re staying in one spot. My mission is to help you discover what you’re capable of and help you push yourself to discover your full potential while having a community of supporters who have your back.


Hello, my name is Cristal Finley. I am a talented writer, philanthropist and young business professional specializing in finance. Early on, I figured out that professional and personal development was essential to my growth and this is the topic that I can’t stop talking about! I think strategically about my life and accomplishing my goals. I became interested in starting a blog because I have a passion for sharing knowledge and wisdom to reveal the possibilities!

I started my career at the age of 20 when I landed an internship at a local community bank. At the time, I didn’t realize my potential and ability to pick up information. Along the way, my mentor told me that if I learned how to do the tasks in that role, then I would have future job opportunities open up. You don’t need to tell me twice! I set out to work harder to learn everything I could in those few weeks. Towards the end, I was offered a permanent position and have had a successful career full of opportunities since then.

When you have your first real job, there is a lot to learn in the arena of being a professional. Over the years I’ve advanced through positions, learned how to network, how to dress, how to act, have built a network of connections and taken on opportunities that not a lot of people my age or in my position have had.

Success was possible because I had a tribe of people backing me up that I could ask questions of, brainstorm with and get support from. Having a passion for continuous development and having confidence in my abilities also helped!

I’ve found that what separates those who are average and those who are extraordinary is being willing to take action while remaining true to you. To reach your goals; you need to be ready to expand and become the person you’ve always dreamed of. My mission is to help you reach your next steps by providing you with thought provoking information and a community of supporters who get you.

Brandon and Cristal

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